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    MI Dewatering System

    Features • Compact and effective. • Maximum recycling of waste streams. • Ease of Operation. • Cost effective vs. transport and disposal option. • Reduces liquid waste and disposal costs. • Reduces water consumption - by liquid re-cycling. • Highly effective in clear water drilling. Operational Overview Chemically enhanced Centrifugation is the process of removing the majority of colloidal size solids in excess of used water base drilling mud by the addition of chemicals to coagulate and flocculate the solids in the mud thus blended chemically enhanced fluid is pumped to centrifuge. Without chemical enhancement or the dewatering process, the mechanical liquid solids separation capability of a centrifuge is limited to 3-5 microns. Thus dewatering overcomes this limitation by “flocculation” of the feed mud by pre-treating the mud chemically to increase the “effective particle size” of the suspended solids.

    VG-1000 Degasser

    Features • Stacked leaves provide a very high surface area • Large surface area and corrugated plate design promotes efficient gas removal • Gas extraction from the side • Large access door • Vertical design decreases footprint • Automatic vacuum and flow rate minimises operator intervention • Easy inspection and maintenance Operational Overview The vacuum degasser uses a series of stacked, corrugated baffle plates and several feed ports to distribute the drilling fluid and encourage high fluid contact and turbulence within a vacuum chamber. A vacuum pump produces a low pressure condition inside the chamber that helps release the gas bubbles from the mud. A jet pump (venturi) draws the de-gassed mud from the bottom of the degasser chamber and discharges into a receiving tank.

    PS-30 Power Slip


    Certified 1000 Ton Links - 16143Y1180

    Varco Weldless 750 Ton Link Set

    Certified 1000 Ton Links - 70101Y1180

    Varco Weldless 1000 Ton Link Set

    Certified 1000 Ton Links - 70101Y1200

    Varco Weldless 1000 Ton Link Set

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